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online quran academy and its importance

Online Quran Academy a new way of learning Quran.     Online Quran Academy is the really best and excellent way to learn Quran online. It helps the children, Women's from all over the world to learn the Quran online. is a non partisan organization not the part of any masjid or group. We warmly welcome our new learners in Roshni Quran Academy. Learn Quran from highly trained tutors. We are teaching the Quran 24 hours a day.For free trial just Click Here [...]

online quran academy best ever classes

online quran academy Online Quran Academy is the academy where all of you people can learn about Quran. Online Quran Academy provides you the best teachings of Islam, online one to one communication with our respected Online Quran Academy teachers. No matter, how old you are, just register to our website and learn from Online Quran Academy. Quran, the inspired word of Allah. Quran is revealed from Allah (SWT) through the Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This all took place [...]

Learn Quran Online-The Important of Surah Yaseen

learn quran online from roshni quran academy learn Quran Online from pakistan,s famous Quran Academy named as Roshni quran academy will be great step for you . here are Some Features and Importance of surah yaseen below. 1. Hazrat Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) reported Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) as saying, “Everything has a heart and the heart of the Holy Qur’aan is Yaseen. Allah Ta’ala will record anyone who recites Yaseen as having recited the Holy Qur’aan ten [...]

online quran academy The important of Surah Ikhlaas

online quran academy online quran academy is the new way of teaching Quran online On Vedio Call Through skype. 1.It is Makruh to recite this Surah in one breath.This Surah has numerous benefits and is a cure of many ailments. It should be recited when travelling of facing a tyrant ruler. Whoever recites this Surah 100 times before going to sleep Allah would forgive his sins comited in forty years. 2.If this Surah is recited for a dead person the reward is like [...]