About Us

About Us

Roshni Quran Academy is a website where you can learn Quran online. It is a great opportunity for all Muslims to gain inspiration and knowledge from our online learning service. The academy is currently offering a great chance to influence the hearts of readers and listeners, as Holy Quran is a framework presented by Allah Almighty.

Our mission is to highlight benefits of Holy Quran, and Islamic life style. For this purpose we have initiated grand idea of Roshni Quran Academy, because Quran is a sign of life. Our goal is to train generations in the shadow of Quran and Islam. The highly experienced tutors at our institution share the vision of their CEO and they truly know the holy duty of offering Quran education. They all performed their duty with dedication and commitment. In addition, this organization also believes that their learning methodology is a simplest way to purify the soul.

Through this fountain head of entire learning, you have opportunity to save the future of your kids. Invest in your kids’ future, because the better investment is best knowledge not only for this world but also the world here after.

Due to our best faculty, our great mission of Roshni Quran Academy becomes the primary choice of Muslims to seek knowledge from this path to success. It is inspired by parents and followed by their children. Come with proud and stay with dignity.


Who we are

We are a registered school in the state of Maryland, USA and also the first one to introduce Online Qur’an Reading Program. Our expert tutors have extensive education and experience in teaching Quran online-while you are able to sit at home and benefit from it directly. Alhamdulillah, we are able to teach the Quran using the Internet worldwide (Most of the countries). We have designed a healthier methodology in teaching by which we motivate young children and make it interesting for them to learn Quran at home.

With the help of World-Class software, students are able to view Arabic script and read live with their instructor. Most home-based academies avoid using paid software and thus use complex free Net meeting which creates problems in student-instructor communication…but we, on the other hand use up to the merit Software which enables immediate interaction and feedback between student and instructor. An assigned tutor sits in our state of the art office and the student sits at his/ her home. High quality software used by us allows for a face-to-face experience. We have on-site management staff as well who ensure this communication process runs smoothly.

We are currently teaching more than 1500 students in several countries including USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore and UK. Our students range from age 4 to 65 years. Moreover, our tutors have:

  • 8 years of Islamic Degree
  • Memorization of Entire Quran
  • In depth training in Tajweed
  • Several years of Quran teaching experience
  • Professional training from us on how to better motivate children for learning


Working standards

Quran means recital or recitation. We provide you with an opportunity learn Qur’an and to recite the holy verses with correct pronunciation and Tajweed. We do not believe in compromise when it comes to quality lessons and teaching. To guarantee this successful working standard, we have selected the best tutors to provide you with their dedicated services.

Our Quran Tutors are

  • Hafiz-e-Quran.
  • Well aware with the rules of Recitation.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of Tajweed and Tarteel.
  • Trained from educational organizations.
  • Have excellent command on Arabic, English and Urdu languages to speak with their students and to deliver lectures.
  • Highly motivated and understand the complexities faced in this profession.
  • Believe in student-centered teaching.



We at Roshniquranacademy.com being the first of its kind service provider; letting people have opportunity to read and learn Qur’an over the internet with simple and easy methods. It is successfully working since 2005 and has gained large popularity among masses, especially those residing in non-Muslim states. Its membership has now reached up to 5600; consisting both young and old, and is continuously increasing with each passing day.

We offer totally unique from any other educational program online. Our expert tutors not only excel with teaching Quran recitation to the students, but also provide students with the knowledge of what particular verses mean, thereby increasing their Islamic understanding and making the lessons as interactive as possibly could.

Quran Reading was a small plan envisioned by a Muslim residing abroad, and facing difficulty in teaching his children Quran recitation along with basic Islamic teachings. In no time his small vision, in the form of Roshniquranacademy.com, lead to a miraculous opportunity for all those Muslims facing the exact same problem. Over the years, Roshniquranacademy.com has not only sustained, but Alhamdulillah it has prospered along with its students. We now take pride in being the pioneers of such a noble program drawing Muslims towards the teachings of the Holy Quran.


Our approach

Our approach is focused and dynamic. We use a number of methods to provide you with an effective, fast and reliable Qur’an reading program. Our program approach focuses on the following:

  • Students learn at different speeds, some students require much greater support and/or time in completing tasks. Hence, our dedicated tutors accommodate their teaching styles according to the students learning.
  • Our well trained tutors use different Interactions to match different Purposes and Outcomes. Such as; informing, describing, explaining, demonstrating, listening and questioning.
  • We use established but varying routines to make the Islamic teaching interesting yet knowledgeable.
  • Effective teaching involves effective organization and management. Our on-site management staff is responsible to fully look after this aspect.


How we do it

Anybody who has internet and computer can learn with us. We will walk you through how to download simple Gotomeeting program for interactive live Quran Reading session with live Quran teacher. Quran Reading program is for both the young and the old alike, anyone from age 4 to 75 can benefit from our live Quran tutoring program. We also invite you to take free trial and become one of thousands of family that are pleased with our services. We have a small monthly fee.

We use Skype software (for voice conversation) and Gotomeeting software (for screen sharing) which links the student and the teacher for voice conversation. With help of these software’s, they talk to each other just like a telephone conversation but through computer and a screen which makes them enable to see the same lesson on their computer screen. Teacher can highlight letters and words of Qur’anic Script to enhance the understanding of the student.

Free Gotomeeting software will be provided to you as soon as you register with us. We will send to you information and guide you to make a setup and start classes immediately. After completion of registration and software installation process, you will be tailored with a well-versed Quran tutor for one-to-one live interactive classes.


Why us

  • Simply because we are “The best” among the rest!
  • It works with you and your budget.

With You

We have taught how to recite Qur’an to more than 5000 students. This program is exclusively for you if:

  • You want your child to excel in this life and hereafter.
  • You can’t drive kids to the mosque.
  • You are looking for quality Qur’an recitation.
  • You are living in a non-Muslim state.
  • You can’t find an Expert Quran Tutor at home.
  • You want to learn the Qur’an from Arabic Alphabets.
  • You want to do memorize the Holy Quran online.
  • You can read the Qur’an but are not aware of Tajweed rules.

With your budget

We are proud that since our start we have not accepted any single dollar donation from any organization or person. We are running institution on a small monthly fee that we receive from students.

  • Lowest possible fee starting at $30 per month in USA and £17 in UK
  • 3-Days free trial
  • No Registration /Admission Fee

For your convenience

  • Accessible 24 hours 7 days a week/ We teach 18 hours a day
  • In most cases we can provide time of your own choice
  • Increases student interaction through one-to-one live online Quran classes
  • Top quality software makes lessons very interactive and effective
  • Home based learning
  • Time saving

For your kid’s safety

Issues concerned with pupil safety are always a top concern for our organization. You can easily and undoubtedly trust your child’s protection and security when dealing with us.

We are a world known USA registered organization. When you are dealing with us you don’t need to worry that you are dealing with an unknown entity/person. Our program is directed by an American Muslim executive having 15 years experience in High Tech Industry and 10 years side experience of running educational institutions. Having two young kids of his own, he knows exactly how important a child’s safety is. Thus, our program is commenced in such a way that it poses no threat to your child.

As far as our software is concerned, we are an expert in technology and so your kid will be taking classes in a spyware/virus free online environment. Furthermore, the speedy interaction between the student and the teachers ensures a healthy and quick learning of your kid.