online quran academy best ever classes

online quran academy best ever classes

online quran academy

Online Quran Academy is the academy where all of you people can learn about Quran. Online Quran Academy provides you the best teachings of Islam, online one to one communication with our respected Online Quran Academy teachers. No matter, how old you are, just register to our website and learn from Online Quran Academy.

online quran academy

online quran academy

Quran, the inspired word of Allah. Quran is revealed from Allah (SWT) through the Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This all took place about 1500 years ago in the land of Arabia. Quran is the simple Islam. The Holy Quran was revealed throughout a period of 23 years to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).




This is because Allah says in the Holy Quran in chapter 15 verse 10.
“Verily we ourselves have sent down this exhortation and more surely we will be its Guardian”
The Holy Quran is remarkable, as many of the prophecies and scientific phenomenon that revealed over 1500 years ago and were unknown to the people of the time have been fulfilled today.
Nowadays we Muslims recite Quran even memorize it without knowing and understanding that what it actually means.


Online Quran Academy is the academy where you can learn the whole Quran with the Arabic meanings. Learning is the core part because if we won’t learn then how can we understand?


Online Quran Academy

is also for those people who used to say that “I want to learn but I don’t have time” so! Now you can learn by sitting on a chair or lying on a bed by just applying .


Well! Now what I am going to tell you about the Online Quran Academy is the Courses, that what courses we are offering. These are the following courses:
Quran For Kids
Quran Reading With Tajweed.
Memorization Of Quran

These courses are for the kids who does not understand the Arabic language, those kids will soon start reading properly and understand Quran, In Sha Allah.


And then after Tajweed, the next step will be Memorizations of Quran If the person wants to continue his classes.
So, the next thing is that these courses will be translated and delivered in Urdu, English & Arabic by our tutors who are highly qualified. They have good command over the English language.
. Courses are helpful, learn Quran and teach others is the one of the most loving thing by the Almighty Allah. So Register now and tell others about us.

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