online quran academy free teaching

online quran academy free teaching

online quran academy

This is best online quran academy, we teach best courses available at your door step.

online quran academy academy in pakistan.

1. No registration Fee.
2. Free trial available before you
start regular paid lessons.
3. Lowest possible fee starting at 30$ per month in USA and 15£ per month in UK.
4. FREE Quran Teaching in deserving cases in our online quran academy.
1. Anytime from anywhere.
2. Student-centered teaching.
3. On demand class timings in most cases.
4. Increases student interaction
5. Convenient Home learning
6. Time saving Opportunity

Anybody who has internet and computer can learn with us.

We use internet telephony software for voice conversation and screen sharing software for sharing computer screen. You have to buy Computer headset for voice communication from any electronic store. Teacher will assist you for screen sharing.

online quran academy

online quran academy

It means teacher and student talk to each other and see the same lesson on their computer screens during the class.

Al-Quran Learning Academy aim to introduce the different Islamic education programs using phased approach.

Learn how to start online Quran Class and what sort of things you need to start this class…online quran academy  About Online Quran Academy

is a prestigious organization contrived in 2006 with an aspiration of furnishing top-drawer Online Islamic Education by the technique of distant learning. We yen to instruct the tots and the adults who have read Quran but are unaware of Tajweed Rules,


Usmania Quran Academy

Tutor Training Programs: We aim to be the best online Quran Academy and our goal is “Quran for every Muslim Heart”, In order to accomplish this goal.

we hire Quran tutors after taking Voice and Tajweed skills test.Usmania Quran Academy As we know that online teaching is a totally different technique in comparison with conventional teaching so we initially train our online teachers before assigning them students. We also make arrangements for tutorial training programs to keep our teachers updated with latest technologies.

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